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Smartphone Photography Mini-Course

Smartphone Photography Mini-Course

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Photography is NOT dead, despite what social media would like us to believe. Listen, I love video just as much as the next person, but photography... photography will always be in fashion. It will always be in demand too. Books, blogs, magazines, editorials are not going anywhere. 

My goal with this program is to put you on the fast-track. I want you to learn in 1 week what it took me years to figure out through trial and error. And best of all, you’ll do it all on your smartphone.

This program is for you if you are: 

  • Content creators who want to start offering content services to brands (the better your photographic content, the more you can charge for it!)
  • Food and lifestyle bloggers who want to improve their photography and attract more readers (more readers = more ad revenue!)
  • Beginner and intermediate amateur food photographers looking to level up
  • Casual social media users who want to improve their skills and share more compelling photos with the public

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for advanced photography theory
  • You're looking for advanced photo editing techniques 
  • You're looking for advanced DSLR or Mirrorless camera techniques

This program revolves around how to to use and leverage your smartphone camera

The program covers 5 main topics:  

  • Conceptualization: You will learn how to think outside the box and develop your own photography style(s).
  • Composition: You will learn how to compost a scene effectively and diversify your photography angles.
  • Light: You will learn about the importance of natural light and how to work with it to help you capture a photo you can be proud of.
  • Equipment and Setup: You will learn about my tools, equipment, where to set up your scene and how to illuminate it.
  • Execution and Post-Processing: You will learn how to edit your photos simply and effectively to take them drab to fab in just a few clicks.

You will receive access to: 

  • 61 Page PDF Guide that you can download with 50+ photos, flowchart, FAQs, equipment lists, resources and more. 
  • 2 Videos (Working with natural light - 6mins, Photo editing workflow in Lightroom - 17mins)


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